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Abacus Product and Lighting Guides

High mast lighting is rarely a simple matter.

Smartlux, with help from ABACUS and AAA Lux lighting , have developed a suite of flexible products and and turnkey approach which will suit virtually any situation, no matter how complex or remote. 

Lighting Guides

Exterior Lighting
Brochure (PDF)
Sports Lighting

Brochure (PDF)

Masts and Lighting Columns Guides

Hinged-base Columns

Brochure (PDF)

High Masts

Brochure (PDF)


Brochure (PDF)

Installation requirements

Smartlux help you through the installation phase with detailed technical specifications, drawings and installation guides. We help you from start to finish...

  1. Site assessment arranged
  2. Estimate provided
  3. pre contract meeting to agree details
  4. Electrical survey, if necessary
  5. Foundations are excavated and foundation bolts installed
  6. Trench around pitch and back to mains, if required. Install supply cables and backfill
  7. Foundations cast and left to cure [for 2 - 3 weeks]
  8. Masts and cabinets delivered and erected onto foundations
  9. Floodlights fitted and aimed
  10. Cabling and electrical equipment installed in mains room
  11. Electrical equipment connected and tested for certification
  12. Floods switched on and lighting level checked
  13. System demonstrated to client, including handover of operation and maintenance manuals.


Video demonstrations

Light duty Base-hinged system

Demonstration of the Abacus light duty base-hinged lighting column being lowered and raised using our RLS168 spring counterbalance unit.

Heavy duty Base-hinged system

Demonstration of the Abacus heavy duty base-hinged lighting column being lowered and raised using our RLH1M hydraulic counterbalance unit.

Telescopic masts at Lords

Designed, manufactured & installed by Abacus Lighting Ltd, each mast carries 100 Challenger 3 Floodlights on a head frame designed to mirror the iconic Lord's media centre.

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