Exterior Lighting 
for Work, Rest & Play.

    We’ve got the brightest LED lights and the perfect pole for your large scale needs – whether that be sporting fields, local government or large area infrastructure lighting, parks and campus as well as architectural street lighting.

    There's a smarter way to light up your project with technically-brilliant, energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions.

    Lights, Poles, Controls ... ACTION!

    We cover the whole process.
    Consult. Design. Source. Install.

    You've got the site. You want it lit. Well.

    We've got the lights, specialist lighting designers who can do the designs for your site, poles and control systems.


    Smartlux is proud to bring Abacus - the leaders in lighting - to Australia. Abacus innovations and creative solutions mean their masts and high performance exterior lighting are used extensively throughout the world in some of the most challenging environments.

    We help you navigate the process as we have done for everyone from Lords in London to Springfield in Ipswich, Queensland.


    We've helped heaps of clubs and organisations see the light in terms of getting the right designs done for their sport and their site. 

    It's important to deal with professional lighting designers and the latest technology when it comes to LED lights to get the greatest return on investment for your club and community. 

    We can help getting the right lights and poles at the right lux levels for each site.




    You've got the site. We've got the Abacus Challenger lights. Let's light up the game.

    We've got the lights, specialist lighting designers who can do the designs for your site, poles and control styes. 
    As the offical Australasian reseller of the Abacus Challenger Mako and the Challenger 1 lights,  Smartlux can provide you with lots of options either for retrofit solutions or for quick installations that provide a remarkable lifespan.


    Fixed, Hinged or Telescopic.

    Smartlux provides Abacus poles in a number of standard sizes, styles and finishes - or bespoke-designed to meet the exact requirements of your project. Since the first base-hinged column was developed in the early 1960s, Abacus are a global market-leader and now features on nearly every railway platform in the UK.

    Lighting Controls

    Where Control and Efficiency meet

    Smart controls allow for accelerated energy savings and efficient maintenance programs, as LED lights can be wirelessly managed from the field, the office or the palm of your hand.

    Industry Applications


    It’s not just the players who need to see what they're doing - it’s the spectators and cameramen too. We’re highly experienced in sports lighting, for venues big and small - so whether it’s a local golf club, a racecourse or an international stadium, we’ve got the breadth and depth of experience to provide the right solutions.

    Airports, Ports
    Road and Rail

    Exterior lighting solutions with high performance, cost effective, anti-glare with excellent security and weather proofing credentials. 


    High performance, robust and low maintenance for a wide range of large areas, plants and facilities.

    Car Parks

    Create bright, welcoming and safe public spaces between dusk and dawn.


    Elegant, powerful lighting to enhance any architectural construction.

    What goes up must come down!

    See a base-hinged pole go up in minutes at Springfield Sports Precinct, Ipswich, Queensland.
    See how easy it is to lower an ABACUS base hinge pole. They can be lowered in a matter of seconds for cleaning and maintenance. A game changer where no more working at heights and damage to fields with equipment.

    Australasian Reseller

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