Smartlux is proud to partner with Abacus, the global leader in for a wide range of fixed and base-hinged poles in a number of standard sizes, styles and finishes - or bespoke-designed to meet the exact requirements of your project.

Since the first base-hinged column was developed in the early 1960s, it’s become a market-leader and now features on nearly every railway platform in the UK.

Base Hinged Poles

Light duty

A 4 - 8 m pole, with optional flush door for easy access to equipment. All models are lowered using a counterbalance unit. 

Light duty - Aluminium

A 4 - 6 m pole, bead-blasted for a stylish, high quality finish.

Light duty - Stanless Steel

A 5 - 6 m pole in standard or higher grade steel if required for harsh environmental conditions.

Medium duty

These 5 - 8 m base-hinged poles can take a headland up to 90kg, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Heavy duty

Most commonly used for sports and amenity floodlighting, as well as security, CCTV and lighting for limited access roads.

Sport Pole

A 8 - 12 m pole fully fitted with all wiring, control gear and projection equipment needed for installation. Fixed model also available.

York Hinge pole

Converts a standard pole into a raising and lowering pole. Ideal for use in inaccessible areas. Complements our existing base hinged range.

Fixed Poles

Light duty

A 4 - 12 m tubular steel pole.

Medium duty

A 5 - 12 m tubular steel pole, able to take headlands up to 75kg. 

Heavy duty

A 5 - 12 m tubular steel pole able to take headloads of up to 100kgs.


A robust 4 - 8 m conical steel pole, generally used for post-top mounted luminaires. 

Straight Tubular

A 3 - 6 m pole with a clean look, this tubular steel pole is most commonly used for amenity lighting.

Conical Aluminium

A robust 4 - 6 m pole with optional anodised finish if required for harsh climatic conditions.

Sport pole

An 8 - 12 m pole fully fitted with all wiring, control gear and protection equipment needed for installation. Also available in base-hinged.

Telescopic Poles

Stadium Range

The Colossal Stadium range is a highly effective solution for any major sports stadium. Poles can reach heights of up to 50m.

Club Range

Perfect for medium sized sports, commercial or recreational facilities where full height permanent masts are not an option.

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