Challenger MAKO
Abacus Challenger Mako
Challenger Mako LED Lighting
  • Unrivalled lumen to weight ratio providing the highest power output from the lowest possible weight.  
  • Lightweight fitting is ideal for sporting arena retrofit solutions when upgrading to LED 
  • Significantly quicker installation in comparison to traditional systems 
  • Fully customisable control options 
  • 2 modules make up the combined weight of 33kg - equivalant to 2 metal halide luminaires 
  • No exposed cables 
  • Optional RGB modules for interchangeable light 
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Challenger 1 Al 6000
Abacus Challenger 1
Abacus Challenger 1
  • High performance and low light pollution.
  • Reduced light overspill and glare with excellent forward throw of light
  • Multiple options for effective light distribution as the adjustable lamp holder offers three variations of peak beam elevation
  • Dark skies friendly fitting ideal for projects nearby residential areas with specific light regulations, with low light pollution ULOR 0%
  • Ease of maintenance via two rear doors with no requirement for tools
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Orion LED AL 4500
  • Asymmetrical beam distribution ideal for boundary mounting location to reduce overspill and wasted light.
  • Symmetrical beam distribution ideal for wide column spacings while maintaining light uniformity
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  • Ultra Bright, ultra efficient, anti vandal bollards with optional visual effects.
  • Sturdy IP66 die-cast aluminium head unit with clear polycarbonate outer cylinder (UV stabilised)
  • Tough bollard shaft made from heavy duty steel CHS tubing
  • Black or silver textured polyester coating on bollard shaft and head-unit castings
  • Louvred light controller, with LED light pumped into and through the acrylic louvres, producing a controlled light output
  • Operational equipment housed in the bollard itself, using IP67 driver on a fully removable tray, with facility to loop in and loop out electric cabling
  • Emergency version available
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