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LED X link

Wireless Touch Control

AAA-Lux Control Box 2.0 Datasheet

AAA-Lux Switchbox KN family datasheet

This product offers AAA-LUX clients the opportunity to control all functionalities of the AAA-LUX LED floodlights wirelessly.

These LED floodlights are flexible in use and allow for adjusting the illumination levels without affecting quality and uniformity. This software is based on software used in the military and aircraft industry.

LEDxLINK makes use of a proprietary based layer protocol. AAA-LUX provides various user-friendly interfaces to control the lights. This ranges from robust switchboxes that can be used in stand-alone systems to sophisticated touch screens and even mobile applications to control entire complexes.

When touch screens are selected for controlling the AAA-LUX LED floodlights, a layout map will assist users to select the exact luminaire or illumination level. The control devices AAA-LUX offers can also be connected seamlessly, to, for example third-party sensors and software interfaces (like industrial light management systems or digital tennis reservation systems). This is done via the flexible use of the Interface Box Family devices.

If used correctly, the AAA-LUX LCMS allows for enhanced illumination, energy savings and improved stakeholder relationships. The various lighting control management systems of AAA-LUX allow owners and managers of large areas, including airport aprons, sports facilities, railway terminals, as well as port and industrial areas, to control lights flexibly.

Features and Benefits
  • Robust Industrial Grade design.
  • High level protected defence standard communications protocols- 2.4Ghz Mesh network.
  • Multi scene programmable and reprogrammable at site or remote.
  • Improves energy savings significantly verse basic “on-off” alternatives.
  • Can connect to third party systems, sensors and timers.
  • Significantly reduces maintenance down time, improving productivity.
  • Safer, ‘like daylight’ improves ergonomics and quality of work and play environments.

AAA-Lux Control Box 2.0 Datasheet




Smart Lighting Control

LED offers an exciting new option for lighting in public spaces, but deploying LED without considering adaptive control strategies may be wasting much of the technology's potential. Traditional “fixed intensity” public lighting solutions are usually designed around the trade-off between meeting minimum safety requirements and the cost of operation. This can result in lighting systems designed for the middle ground – wasting energy when the light isn't required, and not really as bright as they should be when the light is required.

The VRT Smart Lighting controller is a small dimming controller that can be installed in a wide range of new or existing lights. It doesn't require any additional cabling, or rely on power supply lines for signalling. Instead it uses a secure, self-healing wireless mesh network to enable the lights to communicate with one other, and operate either autonomously in response to local sensors, or by remote control.


From your phone

eSwitch is a remote sports lighting control system, enabling sports clubs and associations to securely, safely and sustainably control their sports field lights via their smart phones.

This system has proven sustainability benefits in helping clubs to reduce their power bills.

Detailed Reports

A secure database records all activity and can run reports to provide accountability and easier bill apportionment for multiple users.

Complete Control

Curfews can be set to ensure lights aren’t left on inadvertently, lockout times prevent lights being used too early, and a scheduling feature enables switching activity to be programmed in advance.


Fraser Coast Sports and Recreation Precinct

3 mths


$800K stage 1




 The Fraser Coast Sports and Recreation Precinct in Hervey Bay is a multi-stage development spread over more than 60 hectares. The precinct will provide a home for local clubs participating in diverse sporting codes including football (soccer), netball, AFL and rugby league.


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