Fixed masts are ideal for:
  • High structures up to 70m
  • Large quantities of floodlights (as many as 200 Challenger®
  • 3 stadium floodlights)
  • Accessing by fixed ladders or manrider elevator systems to an
  • upper platform, with further maintenance access to the
  • floodlights via ladders
Sporting Fields - High Mast

Sports Stadiums - High Mast


Base-hinged Masts
Base-hinged masts are ideal for:
  • Fast installation and smaller equipment
  • Easy access for maintenance, so no health and safety worries or
  • damage to surfaces from heavy cherry pickers
  • Great aesthetics, as there is no ladder or platform
  • Virtually maintenance-free mast system thanks to simple but robust engineering – the hydraulic unit does all the work
Sports Poles
8 - 12 M - Lighting Columns
15 - 55 M  - High Mast Lighting Systems
Telescopic Masts
Telescopic masts are ideal for:
  • Locations where obtaining planning for permanent high mast lighting is going to be tough
  • Minimising impact on the skyline
  • Creating an exceptional design impact
  • Easy control using the latest touch-screen technology
UP TO 20 M 
UP TO 50 M

The range of lowering headframe masts deliver precision engineering solutions for a great variety of projects - major container ports terminals to international airports. Making maintenance a far simpler, and safer process.

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